Soul Collector

„It was a warm autumn evening, when I found the doll in the dirt of an abandoned playground. The pink dress with the white shirt she was wearing was torn and filthy and her black, smooth hair was completely knotted. She was also wearing a black crystal around her neck, which I found quite peculiar. The intensity of the black was almost unreal. Eventually I knelt down to look at her more closely. When my eyes met hers, there was a feeling of absolute carefreeness which I felt for the first time in an eternity. Just for a moment I considered taking this doll home with me, but then decided to leave it to its own fate. That was possibly the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. “


I had a little story in my head that I wanted to visualize. It’s about a doll that collects souls from people and then turns them into small dolls too, like some kind of voodoo.
The crystal she’s wearing serves as some sort of soul container.

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